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Saratoga Springs irrigation water notice | Home & Garden

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Saratoga Springs irrigation water notice
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The irrigation water in the north end of the City has been temporarily turned off due to low levels of water in the culinary water tanks.  The north end of the City, with the exception of Harvest Hills, currently has been using culinary water for their irrigation needs.  Because of the high temperatures and the amount of watering, the culinary water tanks that supply this irrigation system in these areas have been drawn down.  In an effort to replenish the water in these tanks, the City needed to temporarily shut off the irrigation system in this area.

We expect the irrigation water to be turned on again this evening after the water tanks have been recharged.  We expect that this pattern of shutting off the irrigation water during the day and turning it back on at night will continue for at least a week.  Residents in other neighborhoods may see reductions in pressure during this time.  The City anticipates bringing on additional wells this summer to help meet the demand for irrigation water.  We also have plans in the near future to expand the irrigation system and provided irrigation water in these affected neighborhoods.

We realize that this is frustrating and inconvenient to our residents.  We are asking residents and large water users to use discretion with their irrigation watering and cut back to watering at a maximum of once every other day.  Thank you for your help and patience in this matter.


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